Anthony & Denise

Anthony & Denise

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Questions about things that changed

I get a lot of questions about what has changed, so I tell them. Then they repeat the question with what physically changed, followed by strange things or events.

  Yes there are a few things that happen most times. The number one thing I get asked is,

1 - Can I talk to the dead? No, I firmly believe that based on my experience. I don't think anybody can. I also don't want to talk to the dead. There are people whom I have loved that have died, several close people, and I want to see them again. For now though I'll have to wait. We aren't suppose to talk with them. We have plenty of time in most cases to say what we need to say while they are here, though it seems after their gone there was not enough time. Three simple words be that I love you, I forgive You, I'm proud of you, I need you. I think you take your love with you when you die. It is actually selfish to want to talk with them, they are in paradise at best, Hell at worse.

 2-  Unusual Events happen quite frequently. I like kids, don't get me wrong, but at a distance. Smaller kids come up tome all the time and either talk or just stand, stare, and smile/

3 - Dying people, if they are close to me, I sense when they leave. Sometimes a day or two in advance.

4- I read a lot. I used to never just read, but after the garden is gone I read.

5 -  People will tell me everything, and I mean everything.

6- Those with Black eyes that stare and evoke rage in me. Thanks God they are as afraid or me as I am them, 

  So far that is about all I can think of.