Anthony & Denise

Anthony & Denise

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Questions about our experience at the Interview

  The initial interview was done here at our home. Chris came out by himself and it was more like a home movie with a fancy microphone. It was about 2 days after dad had his stroke. Chris asked if I was ok to do the interview and I said yes. Denise was at work and so he never got to interview her that day, he had a schedule that was full doing other interviews. His first words that he said and stressed were to say what I saw and what I experienced in my own words. It was perhaps the most important thing to him that it was in my own words and of my own choosing. He listened and asked questions, just like anybody would and does. I will have to say that he had no preconceived notions whatsoever.

  We got a call asking if we would be willing to do the next taping, we weren't chosen for the first one. This was about a month or two later. So we drove to Atlanta where they put us up in a motel room and gave us expenses to eat with and fuel money. They offered to fly us but it was only about a 4 hour drive and we needed that trip and alone time together. I thought that was extremely kind. Fox only put us in a room and flew us there. Newsweek came here, but they did send us pictures later on which was nice.

  Once were got to the studio we were greeted by Supryia and Alex, along with Chris. Again none wanted anything but the truth in our own words and stressed that. None had any preconceived notions of what the answers were or what our experience was. Well, they did have my interview from the previous one, but not Denise. There is a waiting area where I waited, away from the set. They couldn't hear me nor I them for sound quality. I goofed off, even went outside and took some pictures. Denise's interview lasted from about 9am to 12. We broke for lunch for an hour. They invited us to go with them but we wanted to see what we could and eat with each other. Funny, we never mentioned the show.

  When we went back my interview started. Chris sat across from me in a chair. They placed a towel between my hands so as not to make noise. My voice wasn't strong and other than a Morphine patch I was weaning off of I used Percocets to allow me to speak without as much pain being felt. I constantly sipped water as the Saliva glands didn't work... still don't. That may be why my interview last a bit longer. Mine started at 1pm and lasted until about 6:30pm. All three were very patient with me. We were interrupted a time or two by trains and a band downstairs, but it all worked out.

  Chris had asked me questions that many had never asked and I looked deeper recalling a lot of what I had experienced. That is perhaps the funny part. It is like things grow as time goes by. I have no idea why. Maybe it is just so complex that you have the outline but the depth is felt later on. Maybe it is planted like a seed that grows.

  So until the night came of the show I had no idea what was edited out, I'm not ever sure I knew what I said, lol. It seemed to upset Denise so much that I really just didn't mention it to her, nor her to me. When we broke for lunch her make-up was washed off. I didn't want to cause anymore pain.

  So we waited until it aired. It was suppose to air in October but for whatever reason it was postponed. I wasn't sure that it would air, but I figured that if it was meant to be then it would and if not that it was ok too. We had at least gotten away from the madness and gloom of the cancer treatments, if only briefly. When we watched the show that night I was so tickled and pleased that they had selected what they did of the interviews. If I am ever remembered then I want people to remember my smile and to remember to smile. To see the lighter side of life, for this isn't what we were created for.


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  2. Anthony, I had a chance to watch your interview, and just loved it. I appreciate your humility and your love, two things that came shining through loud and clear.

    I long to go to heaven, to see Jesus Who died for me and rose again, to experience the light of His presence, to be with Him forever. I envy that you got to do this, even briefly.

    I really appreciate your candor in your posts, and how you just put everything out there for everyone to read about the experience.

    Question: do you have any fear of death now at all? Or do you long for it? What are your thoughts about death as you consider "going the way of all the earth" as we all will.

    Thank you again Anthony. I do so appreciate your blog here.

  3. Hi Mike, I'm glad that you enjoyed and connected with me. I'm not scared to die these days, though honestly that is God's call. It is a mixed bag here on earth because you always want to stick around just a little bit longer. While I love my family here I also very much miss it there too.

    I am blessed that God has never failed me, not even once. Has it always been easy, no, but He also made that quite clear too. Has He been great? Yes. He has given me what I needed, and a little of what I wanted. You can't beat that. I've had a productive life, a good wife, good parents and kin and friends. What else counts for as much in this world.